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(writings by G. Duni)

The titles preceded by § are particularly significant for a historical reconstruction of the birth and development of telematic management of administrative proceedings.

Those titles preceded by a * are particularly significant for an understanding of the concepts and regulations involved in teleadministration.


*** § The use of computer technology in the making of acts and in administrative procedures. outline for a theory of administrative acts in electronic form, (GB) " in Rivista amm. della Repubblica italiana", 1978, pag. 407 ss.

This work marked a new phase in administrative informatics. It was the first comprehensive study that focused on the following concepts, which are today common currency among academics and employees using administrative informatics:

a) administrative act in electronic form with full legal validity;

b) electronic signature to identify an employee;

c) telematic management of networking procedures.

* From Administrative informatics to teleadministration, edited by G. Duni, IPZS - Libreria dello Stato, 1992.

This publication contains 12 articles written by experts in the field, see Index 1 (GB) in particular:

a) G. Duni: description of a working project on teleadministration, including draft regulations (this work was written prior to the new laws which gave legal validity to the act in electronic form) .

b) A. Usai: The feasibility of automating administrative acts wholly or in part. Teleadministration makes this possibility real, given that on-line data is always available.

c) A. Pansa: Problems of security, (essential when the electronic form will have full legal validity) are analyzed by the leading expert in the field, a leading state functionary in the Police.

* § The national public administration project in "L’informatica giuridica e il Ced della Corte di Cassazione", publications from the conference held at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", 27-29 Nov. 1991, Milano 1992, p. 87 ss.

The term TELEADMINISTRATION first appears. In the nov. 1991 conference a feasibility study on Teleadministration is presented, and illustrates the huge advantages for Public Administration and the citizen alike.

Teleadministration, or in other words administration without paper, paper at the conference"Information Technology": evolution and implications for P.A., Cagliari-Nuoro 5-6 Nov. 1992, in "Information technology in Italy. Report 1992" by F.T.I., A. Pellicani ed., 1993, p. 466 ss.

* Teleadministration, entry in the Treccani Encyclopedia, vol. XXX, Rome 1993.

This is the most comprehensive study on the subject, viewed in particular from a legal point of view.

§ Teleadministration: an investment for the country’s future, paper of the 5th international Congress of the " Corte di Cassazione" on the theme Informatics and judicial procedures" Rome, 3-7 May 1993, I.P.Z.S. - Libreria dello Stato, 1994, II, p. 381 ss.

International conference paper, highlighting the impact on the economy of increased efficiency in Public administration, which would result with teleadministration.

The ten fundamental of teleadministration are listed and translated into different languages. See Cards (GB).

University Cagliari - Region of Sardinia — Renewing Public teleadministration Cagliari, 17-18 December 1993, Acts 1995.

A major conference, organized by the Faculties of Law and Political Science, by the Regional educational authority and by the teleadministration Association.

Various aspects of positive change and renewal are dealt with, from telematic procedures to various organizational and working practices. See also Index 2 (GB).

Introductory addresses and greetings: Dott. Gaetano Giua, Sindaco di Cagliari; Prof. Pasquale Mistretta, Magnifico Rettore dell’Universitā di Cagliari; Prof. Antonio Sassu, Preside della Facoltā di Scienze Politiche.

Conference participants and speeches: Prof. Alberto Azzena, Assessore Regionale alla Pubblica Istruzione, Prof. Vittorio Frosini - Univ. La Sapienza - Roma; Prof. Giovanni Duni - Univ. di Cagliari; Prof. Renato Borruso - Corte di Cassazione; Prof. Alfonso Masucci - Istituto Universitario Orientale - Napoli; Dott. Alessandro Usai, Procuratore legale; Prof. Francesco Aymerich - Universitā di Cagliari; Prof. Eugenio Picozza, Universitā di Tor Vergata - Roma; Prof. Sandro Amorosino, Universitā la Sapienza - Roma; On. Federico Baroschi - Consiglio Regionale Sardegna; Prof. Giovanni Cossu, - Univ. di Cagliari; Prof. Guido Maria Rey - Presidente dell’AIPA; Prof. Giuseppe Pericu - Universitā di Genova; Dott. Efisio Toxiri, Direttore amministrativo, Univ. di Cagliari; Dott. Bruno Lamborghini - Presidente EUROBIT; Prof. Pietro Ciarlo, Preside Fac. Giurisprudenza - Univ. di Cagliari; Prof. Gian Candido De Martin - LUISS - Roma.

Informatics document-administrative profiles, paper presented at the Corte di Cassazione conference- LUISS, Roma, 14 June 1994, in "Informatica e documentazione", 1994, 3, p. 109 ss.

The widespread illegitimacy in the contracts of public informatics , in "Il diritto dell’informazione e dell’informatica", 1995, p. 35 ss.

Despite new legislation advising that Public Administrations adopt the electronic form, traditional working methods are still in use. This may be excusable in a transitory phase, if new investments in hardware are not made, but contracts for outdated information systems, still based on the parallel system, are still being stipulated.

The telematic administrative procedure, or how informatics affects all of us and everything , paper in the acts of the AICA congress, 1995, p. 551 ss.

The new standard in methods of Administration in Dialogare con il cittadino, Conference in Cagliari 1995, Artigianarte editrice 1996.

Telematic management of Administrative proceedings, state of the art in Italy and exportability to Europe, report at the conference "Informatic Europe and Italy. Problem and perspectives" - Cagliari, 21-21 March 1997.

Teleadministration aims to become the standard universal method for administrative procedures. In other countries, in relations between States and the Community and in internal workings of community structures.

* Administrative proceedings - services, multimediality and teleadministration, in "Scritti in onore di G. Guarino", ed. CEDAM - Padova

This work is an update of a previous article: The administrative procedure from L. 241/40 to the introduction of telematic administration in "Foro amm." 1995, p. 226 ss.

Important questions concerning structural modifications to administrative procedures are discussed. A number of novelties have already been introduced (conference of services, agreement with the citizen, without an adequate guide giving them not alternative status, but allowing for coexistence in the same procedure. Teleadministration and multimedial technology can be seen as instruments to increase efficiency of such institutions, once clear working rules are in place.